Daniel Lenko 2008 White Cabernet
This is a winning taste treat that has so much sweet summer fruit you’ll swear you’re drinking the juice of a fresh fruit salad. The nose kicks off with strawberries and fresh pink bubblegum (as if you just popped a piece in your mouth), red licorice and candied cherries also come along for the olfactory ride. The taste is even better. Lots of red berries (raspberry, strawberry) with a touch of sweetness on the fore-palate – while the finish delivers up a great hit of acidity for a well-balanced finish. What’s more, the taste leaves you with a quick watermelon finish, and if you have the patience to wait a few beats before taking your next sip (say 5-10 seconds), a wave of strawberry will wash over your tongue again – amazing. Fresh, fun and fantastically fruity, without being too sweet. Price: $19.95 – Rating: *****
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery

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