Huff Estates 2008 South Bay Rosé
Frederic Picard has done it again. Three years ago, he introduced this primarily Cabernet Franc Rosé and I was positive it had some Sauvignon Blanc in the mix because it was ripe with grapefruit smells. Last year he pulled the same trick, but somehow it had better balance, better fruit and a long lingering finish. Now, in 2008, he’s pulled off the trifecta of winemaking – another winner that seems to only get better every time he makes it. This year he added a dollop (10%) of Merlot to the 60% Franc and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. The citrus on the nose is outstanding, offering up lots of grapefruit, but its laced with strawberry and a hint of floral. On the palate, it’s dry and crisp while maintaining great citrus fruitness and a hint of rose petal. Absolutely delicious – again. I’d like to give Frederic 5-stars, here but I want to see if he can do it again next year … though I have no doubt he will ... so what the heck. Price: $16.95 – Rating: *****
Prince Edward County
at the winery

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