Peller Estates 2005-Tasting - NV Cristalle (Ice Cuvee)
Since the dawning of time … or at least the dawning of glass bottles and ships – man has christened his seafaring journey by slamming a bottle of bubbly against the side of the vessel … I would suggest doing that with OntarioWineReview but we would probably break the computer monitor before we’d break the bottle, so may I suggest a drink instead – to toast the endeavour. Peller Estates makes a fabulous bubbly called Cristalle, which replaces the dosage of normal sparkling with a hint of ice wine. Not to get too technical here but it tickles the palate and plays with the tongue. For those who love sparkling, and even those who don’t, this one is definitely a winner at a fair price.It is said that if the bottle doesn’t break against the ship it is a bad omen for the voyage … so let’s pop the cork, break into the glassware, and a make a toast to OntarioWineReview and the journey ahead – don’t waste a drop. Salut.
Niagara Peninsula
This is the first wine reviewed by OntarioWineReview ... it christened OWR so to speak. Available at the winery

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