Maleta 2005 Old Vines Brut Riesling
Winemaker Arthur Harder seems to be everywhere these days … or at least on everybody’s radar. He’s making some fine Riesling for the likes of Calamus, Ridgepoint, Maleta and even had a hand in the Cattail Creek three. But I know from speaking with him, that Sparkling wine is a passion of his. Pairing up with Daniel Pambianchi, owner of Maleta, who shares the same passion, the two decided to produce a sparkling Riesling in the traditional method using the oldest Riesling vines they could find (planted in 1969). The wine was left on its lees, in bottle, for 14 months. The result is a wine with incredible length, finesse and freshness. Typical Riesling nose of sweet peach and apples, but its in the mouth is where this wine shines. Fine bubbles carry the peach, apple and lemon citrus zing flavours that kick around playfully on the tongue. The beauty of this bubbly is that it manages to keep it’s Riesling character within all that fizz, and then there’s that great lasting finish. Only 90 cases of this spectacular sparkling were made. So hurry to Maleta and get yours. If it’s sold out have no fear, I have it on good authority that more is on the way, passion like this does not die after the first go around … so keep your eyes peeled for the next release.
Niagara Peninsula
at the winery only

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