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Ontario Hot Vintage Chardonnays (Ontario)

25 Apr 2015

(January 24, 2015) ... Saturday night and the wife is 'selecting' the wines, meaning she is calling the shots as to the variety, I don't think she knows her way around the cellar yet (small mercy) ... So out of the chute first comes this Rockway 2012 Chardonnay, which is probably still as good now as the first time I tried it, plenty of creamy, buttery deliciousness in this wild-ferment version of Chardonnay, there's even a rich fruitiness and creamy caramel on the finish ... This one is still one of my favorites from that year.  Next bottle is the same age and still a lovely piece of business from a hot vintage, Ravine 2012 Chardonnay, has developed a touch of nuttiness, say almond-based with good peach, and apple nuances; comes off a little leaner than the Rockway but still buttery and smooth.  These are still two wonderful bottles full of life and love to give to the palate.

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San Salvatore

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