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Three Wine Company 2010 Old Vines Field Blend (California)

29 Nov 2015

(April 15, 2015) ... When I was in Portugal my favourite wines were the ones labeled "field blend".  They were wines from vineyards that were planted quickly after the phylloxera epidemic and the Portuguese at the time had to get vines into the ground so they could make wine (now that's a culture with priorities) - the problem was that nobody knew what they were planting.  Today, thru DNA testing they are finding out what is in their vineyards, but over the years these fields have made such excellent wines that they refuse to rip them out for the sake a homogeneity - instead they keep them and continue to make excellent wines from them.  So when I saw "Field Blend" on this label I wondered what a California version would taste like - though I am pretty sure they have a good idea what's in the bottle.  Nose of plum and black cherry and a palate loaded with tons of spice, baked plum, black cherry, some cedary-vanilla and the sensation of alcohol heat (which is a little unpleasant) ... alas not as rich, smooth and complex as their Portuguese counterparts but quite drinkable in a pinch.

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