From the Cellar

Heartland 2007 Stickleback Red (Australia)

12 Apr 2016

(October 2, 2015) ... Looking over the grapes for this wine one really stands out as odd, let's see what you think: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Dolcetto and Grenache ... If you picked out the Dolcetto (an Italy grape from Piedmont) you're on the same path of questioning I am. I'll also mention that Dolcetto is not one of my favourites and ranks just below Baco Noir or my top ten list of grapes I love to hate. But the Aussies seem to have milked the juiciness out of the grape that the Italians can't quite seem to muster (though they claim it's there). Aromas are full of sweet cherry, red licorice, and a mix of both blue- and rasp- berry; palate is red raspberry and blackberry with cocoa on the finish ... The linger is thick with cherry and blackberry allowing cassis to linger like your younger brother on date night.



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