From the Cellar

Christmas Eve with a Joel Gott (California)

08 Mar 2017

Joel GOtt 2014

(December 24, 2016) ... Over the Christmas "break" I tasted many bottles of wine, but I have to hand it to my new nephew (and friend) Michael - first off he has the right name - and second for bringing the bottle of Joel Gott 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 815 ... it was a party we both attended and I had been given a bottle by my buddy Dave, a 3L Trader Joe's Veneto Rosso that cost him $20 ... not sure if this was a gag gift or a you-gotta-try-this gift, it was a pleasant bottle, but nothing earth-shattering (considering the price what did I expect, honestly), but Mike brought the Joel Gott and saved me from having to drink the Rosso on my own: mocha, black cherry, plum, touch of cedar and enough depth to make it interesting.


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