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Dinner at Sue's (Ontario / Argentina / Australia)

27 Sep 2018

(January 27, 2017) ... Four wines opened tonight, we always start with bubbles but then we moved on to some rather interesting older wines from 2008 and 2005 ... JT Brut 2010

Jackson-Triggs 2010 Entourage Brut - Ontario ... This was the year there was some unintended colour in the brut, making it more rose then what one would expect from a wine marked simply as "brut"; the wine was lively and fresh on the nose with pronounced raspberry & strawberry aromas, the palate proved to be a little more earthier but still with pleasant strawberry lime flavours.

3 wines at Sue'sLa Posta 2008 Malbec, Pizzella Family Vineyard - Argentina ... Man did I want this wine to shine, the nose was good: blueberry, mocha, and spice, but the palate let me down: earthy, spicy, flat, and flabby; a real "meh" wine and the lack of fruit was such a let down.

Thorn-Clarke 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Terra Barrosa - Australia ... This wine over delivered at 8 years of age. Aromas of raspberry, plum, and sweet cherry, those all followed onto the palate  and layered in so much more: lush dark and red fruit, vanilla, cherry, and a hint of chocolate. This more than made up for the lackluster Malbec.

Trius 2005 Red - Ontario ... Great vintages sometimes offer up great disappointments, especially when you expect so much from those wines; here smoky and earthy notes take hold, sure it was smooth on the palate but the lack of any fruit brought the whole bottle down.


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