From the Cellar

Loredona 2009 Pinot Noir, Monterey (California)

27 Dec 2018

Loredona 2009 PN


(July 26, 2017) ... It's definitely no spring chicken and poses the question: does California Pinot age ... I mean well? Usually with all that fruit you would expect things would not stand up, and now with 8 years under it's belt where does it go? Upon opening it shows herbal notes and spices on the nose with dried-cranberry and anise on the palate ... A little more time open and that fruit continues to be dried and even leathery with a long finish that is cranberry dominant, the really good news is the acidity is holding on - and that is a good thing. If you're think fresh fruit, don't bother, but it certainly is an older Pinot with fruit-leather notes - does that make it good or bad? Depends on your tolerance for fruit-leather.


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