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17 Aug 2005
OntarioWineReview Newsletter -04
May 2005 

  • Ontario Wine Review: Time to Change Your Grape
  • Grape Guy’s Pick of the Bunch: Magnotta 2002 Special Reserve White Merlot
  • Savory Sounds: Music to set the mood
  • Wine Event Spotlight: Fruit Wine & Food Festival

ImageOntarioWineReview: Time to Change Your Grape
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These days it seems that there are two kinds of wine drinkers … those who are willing to try anything and those that continue to stick with the same wine each and every time. To those of you willing to give the Bulgarian wine a shot over the much hyped Australian fruit bomb, good for you. To you one wine wonders, why not try something new – you might be surprised at what your palate will discover. What I always like to know is what kind of grape rut people find themselves in … some people will only drink Australian Shiraz or Californian Chardonnay while others prefer only Chilean Merlot or a French Beaujolais … but with all the different choices out there why limit yourself to the same old thing? Next time you’re in the liquor store hop the pond and check out something from Italy or France; move along the shelves and check out Argentina, South Africa or New Zealand; don’t just wallow around in California, look at their neighbours to the north like Oregon and Washington State. Why not even try something from your own backyard; yes I am talking about Ontari-ari-ari-o. Here’s an idea: with each visit buy one bottle of something you’ve never tried before – judge it by the label or what it’s called; try asking a staff member or a perfect stranger or even pick a price point your comfortable with and try finding something within it; you’re bound to come up with something interesting – you might be surprised by what you find – heck you might even find your new favourite wine while expanding your horizons … and if it turns out you don’t like it, well there’s always your same old same old, but at least you tried something new – and that’s the fun of being a wine drinker: Discovery is the best part of the trip … or maybe you think I should just blow it out my … but I don’t think so - see you next time.

Image Grape Guy’s Pick of the Bunch : Magnotta 2002 Special Reserve White Merlot

With all this great weather we’ve been having it makes me think of the summer ahead and what I’ll be sipping out on the patio – this one is a perfect candidate for the fridge this summer – a rose with a little something extra … imagine the colour of apricots with apple and cinnamon aromas with slightly pronounced apple taste, and best of all not overpoweringly sweet, I would guess about a 3 or 4 on the sugar code, just enough sweetness to bring out that great summertime feeling that everything is perfect in the world – or at least on your patio. Speaking of perfect this wine would perfectly match with grilled salmon though I would recommend grabbing a couple of bottles, cause you’ll finish the first one while bbqing that salmon.

Visit for more details or to purchase this great wine.

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Image Savory Sounds : Music to set the mood

Sideways – the soundtrack
I have found that over time I will listen to anything … once. After that you better have caught my ears or I am going to put you away and grab something I like. That was the case with Sideways the soundtrack – it did not grab me by the lapel and force me to listen, instead it gently lulled me into a sense of security and familiarity … mellow, soothing and relaxing – like taking a tour of wine country with a little something extra. Pay particular attention to track 6, a catchy upbeat number that will have your toes a tappin’ and reaching for another glass. In fact the whole soundtrack is like that a rolling pleasant journey, up one hill and down another without that queasy feeling in your stomach. A record like this requires something playful in your glass … a light and lively Gamay or maybe even a Gewurztraminer – or how about the aforementioned Magnotta White Merlot.

Image Wine Event Spotlight : Fruit Wine & Food Festival

This whole newsletter has had a fruity theme to it, so why not continue with a fruit wine event: Archibald’s Winery in Bowmanville has their Fruit Wine & Food Festival on Saturday May 28 th from Noon until 4:30pm – tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door, I have been to this event in the past and it is not to be missed, it is truly amazing what these guys (and gals) can do with fruit.

Visit and check out the news and events section for further details.

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