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10 Jan 2019


Welcome to another year ... Over the holidays I 'did me some thinking', and I came to the conclusion that sometimes I'm going to have to give you the full wine-story about a winery's portfolio instead of just snapshots every-so-often.  I usually spread the really good wines out through a number of e-blasts and newsletters, but this year I am introducing a new addition to the bi-weekly newsletter pantheon, a single winery focused one ... and this week we start with Megalomaniac, where Sebastien Jacquey has really turned the portfolio around - from a hodge-podge mess of inconsistency to a solid range of wines, especially in the upper tiers; for example let's  take a look at 6 wines below.

In addition to the six reviews (plus one) below be sure to check out the Side Bar for the latest videos, podcasts and links to reviews of older wines, cellar dwellers, published articles, On the Road notes and more.


Click on the wines name to see the full review:

Megalomaniac 2015 Merlot, Bespoke Series ... (****)

Megalomaniac 2015 Pinot Noir, Bespoke Series ... (****)

Megalomaniac 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Bravado ... (****+)

Megalomaniac 2016 Cabernet-Merlot Reserve ... (****+)

Megalomaniac 2016 Chardonnay, Bespoke Series ... (****)

Megalomaniac 2016 Merlot, Big Mouth ... (****)


Plus ...

Some International Flair:   Corte Medicea 2016 Cletus (Tuscany, Italy) ... ****+


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Ontario Reviews : Winery Spotlight - Megalomaniac



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