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Taste it Again: Two 2007 Bubbles

20 Oct 2016

(March 11, 2016) ... We instilled 'Sparkling Wine Friday' at my house a while back, we try at least twice a month to open up a little bubbly on a Friday evening to celebrate the coming of another weekend and getting through another week (oh heck it's bubbles, do you really need an exucse?).  This time round I decided to pull out a couple of 2007 wines from Ontario (Canada) to see how they have fared, starting with a Palatine 2007 Juliette:  the nose is quite inviting with crusty croissant, marzipan, and almond skin leading the charge followed on the palate by some bruised apple, hazelnut, almond, and bosc pear skin; and surprisingly there's still some citrus pith (read: lime zest) notes.  The bubble was still lively and pleasant with a long vanilla-almondine finish - it was an okay aged sparkling sipper. 

And now, just for comparison, we'll try the second bottle - one is grown in Niagara-on-the-Lake (Palatine) while the second choice is up on the Bench:  Flat Rock 2007 Riddled.  The nose kicks things off with the usual apple, bread crust, and lemon zest; while the palate has fresh bread, sweet apple, and good acidity. Comparatively the Flat Rock was much more vibrant and fresher on both the nose and palate, even though the wines come from the same vintage. While the Palatine showed more secondary characteristics, the Flat Rock was clean and fruit driven with just the right amount of biscuits and (almond) biscotti like notes to the finish.

To see the original reviews click on the winery name: Palatine ... Flat Rock

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