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ACWC Night 2 (Ontario / Argentina)

05 May 2017

Stoney Ridge Gewurztraminer(June 8, 2016) ... Night 2 of the All Canadian Wine Championships and I pull out a couple of old Ontario Gewurztraminer, one from 2007 the other from 2008.

Starting with the Stoney Ridge 2008 Reserve Gewurztraminer and what a wonderful surprise this turns out to be: peachy, lychee, slightly oily but still fresh; there's also some delicious apple, subtle floral and hints of rose water. So great with the froie gras app. So far it's the best wine I've brought to the All Canadians this year ...

The second Gewurztraminer is the Ravine Vineyard 2007 Gewurztraminer and it's a mess:  thin and weedy, oxidative and really off putting; it's a tired wine that has no redeeming characteristics.

Last wine is from Argentina and is the property of Paul Hobbs of California, Vina Cobos 2007 Felino Cabernet Sauvignon, silky smooth with a little pepper to the finish: blackberry, cassis, chocolate, mocha, blueberry skin - love these Cobos wines, especially with enough age.


Original review of the Ravine 2007 Gewurztraminer can be found here.


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