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Taste it Again : Cave Spring 2007 Pinot Noir Estate

08 Mar 2019


(October 5, 2018) ... This is a tale of two, maybe three wines in one bottle - this 2007, now 11 years old, and made from the estate Pinot Noir of Cave Spring was one thing at first, then changed to another, then changed a third time and it all started this way ...

At first pop of the cork the wine was leathery, black licorice and dried cherry - I would say a pretty good start for its age ... then in swept good acidity and a wonderful smoky finish.  As it sat the entry turned from leather and licorice to sweet fruit, then carried on to spiced dried cranberry ... then the licorice came back on the finish.  But 30 minutes later disaster struck as hints of prune begin to emerge and pretty much start to take over all aspects of the wine from there ... Sigh.  It's a drink quick wine but you will enjoy it in that short time.

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