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Finca Flichman 2006 Misterio Malbec (Argentina)

18 Dec 2017

Misterio 2006(September 27, 2016) ... At the time of FuZion's big entrance into Ontario many were touting this Malbec as a wine that was better for a couple bucks more - Misterio never has taken off here but it continues to be a wine on shelves and offers great value for those looking to make a leap up in the quality Malbec department. This 10 year old version is now earthy, woodsy, with some charred notes and pruney-cassis fruit ... It's old, mainly tertiary and layered, but for an $8 wine it still shows pretty well. As it opens there is more dried cherry and strawberry with balsamic while liquid wood notes creep in; and the wood continues to dominate the longer it stays in glass - it was good for about 45-60 minutes, after that it collapsed into a woody mess.


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