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Wines at Andre's - Night 1 (Ontario / South Africa / California)

13 Apr 2018


(October 17, 2016) ... A night spent with my podcast partner, Andre, is usually filled with talk, food and older wines from my cellar ... these were tonight's gems (and flops) - all Ontario wine unless specified:

Huff GamayHuff Estates 2008 Gamay Reserve ... nose of earthy and black cherry notes; on the palate there's plenty of acidity, which keeps a certain amount of freshness intact. Colour is noticeably brick-y while the palate  shows elements of sour cherry, cranberry and herbal; but the finish is bitter and sour ... Not a wine I am happy to go back to, doesn't carry well in the glass.

Southbrook Whimsy ChardonnaySouthbrook 2010 Whimsy! Chardonnay ... funky yet enjoyable Southbrook Chardonnay with sponge toffee, hazelnut, caramel, buttery, vanilla, peach, pear, and nice spice - comes off a little sweet in my book but Chard-head Andre could drink the whole bottle himself ... moving on ...

Fielding Pinot NoirFielding Estates 2004 Pinot Noir ... I pull out an old Ontario Pinot from a year noted for the grape, considering the year I'm happy it's drinkable but with aromas and flavours reminiscent of olive brine, herbal, and tomato leaf, this exceptionally savoury wine lacks any real fruit character.

False Bay ShirazFalse Bay 2004 Shiraz (South Africa) ... enough Ontario for now let's see what other trouble we can get into. This South African Shiraz is smoky, leathery, meaty, and peppery with a nice finish of spice and cassis.

Cypress Cab SauvCypress 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon (California) ... this is a pleasant little surprise, a Cali-Cab under $15 that has managed to hang around and be interesting: raisin-y, jammy, and plummy, with plenty of ripe fruit character, at times it seems almost over-ripe-ish; it really is quite pleasant, 13 year old under $15 and still drinkable, now that's something to cheers about.

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And a night at Andre's always involves a dog.


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