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Domaine de d'Arjolle 2011 Zinfandel de l'Arjolle (France)

19 Nov 2019

d'Arjolle 2011 Zinfandel


September 1, 2019 ... As a fan of American Zin I'm always interested to see how others are dealing with it, when they can (and trust me there are not that many doing Zin). Of course the Italians do great with Primitivo, but I've never seen a French version, I picked this one up a number of years ago and now wonder how its aging.

Aromas are pleasant with smoky, earthy, and cassis notes; because of the 14.5% alcohol there is a hint of that there as well ... the palate is an interesting mix of dried plum, dried cherry, balsamic and spice - as the wine opens it gets spicier and that almost overwhelms as the fruit diminishes; the acidity is good and the finish is long, whether its what I would call a classic-aged Zin is debatable - but its pretty interesting none-the-less.


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