From the Cellar

Riverina Estate 2002 Warburn Premium Reserve Cabernet Merlot (Australia)

13 May 2020



(March 23, 2020) ... I have a by-the-glass decanter for an occasions just like this one ... this 18 year old Australian blend, when I first opened it, was cranky and odd, so I tried the single serve decanter and discovered that if I went down this route I would kill this wine in an instant so instead I let it gracefully age in glass, because it did have potential of going somewhere interesting.

Aromas showed a definite aged wine character with its earthy, fig, prune, forest floor, and an odd bit of burnt caramel ... the palate also showed some signs of life, and a much younger side than the nose: herbal, smoky, earthy, slight prune, delicate pepper with dried blackberry and sun dried tomatoes ... I was at least impressed by the complexity it was showing.  But it was not a long lived wine in the glass - an hour was about all it had to show before collapsing in on itself ... The wine is not dead, it definitely has a pulse, but it's a faint one.


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