Ontario Reviews : The Wines to Get Now (vol. 43)

22 Feb 2019


As I was putting this e-balst together I noticed I had a running theme, or maybe two.  One I was looking once again at sparkling wine, and two, I was also reviewing plenty of Noir, in all it's forms: Pinot, Gamay and Baco - and thus we have the Sparkling Noirs edition.

In addition to the six Ontario reviews below there's a little International flair (from South Africa this time), plus the Side Bar on the left for the latest videos, podcasts and links to reviews of older wines, cellar dwellers, published articles, On the Road notes and more.


 Click on the wines name to see the full review:

KEW Vineyards 2016 Tradition ... (****)

Queenston Mile 2016 Blanc de Noir ... (****+)

Rockway NV Brut Cuvee ... (****)

Henry of Pelham 2017 Baco Noir, Old Vines ... (****)

Morandin Wines 2017 Pinot Noir, County - Sangreal Estate Vineyard ... (****)

Trius 2017 Gamay Noir ... (****)


 Plus : Some International Flair ...

Plaisir de Merle 2016 Petit Plaisir, South Africa ... (****)


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Ontario Reviews: The Wines to Get Now (vol. 43)


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