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07 Mar 2019


This time out I thought I'd look at the wines of Big Head ... the big head himself is Andrzej Lipinski - a guy who got his start at Vineland Estates then turned his talents into a consulting career before settling down in Niagara-on-the-Lake at Hunter Vineyard churning out wines under his own label. In conversation with Andrzej you realize that his mind is always on ways to make his wines better, and at the same time unique - to stand out from all the others cluttering the Niagara landscape - he is also convinced in the high prices for Niagara wines because of the rarity (and unlikelihood) that is Niagara wine ... plus, his 40 odd skus are a testament to his ever shifting mindset about what will make the next great wine. Below you will see some of the best wines on offer at Big Head currently, but don't blink, the next one could be right around the corner.

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Big Head 2015 Biggest Red ... (****+)

Big Head 2016 Big Red Select ... (****+)

Big Head 2016 Chardonnay, Old Vines ... (****+)

Big Head 2017 Malbec “Raw” ... (****+)

Big Head 2017 Petit Verdot “Raw” ... (**** ½)

Big Head 2017 Syrah Select ... (****)


Plus ...

Some International Flair:   Pierre Lurton 2016 Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France) ... ****


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Ontario Reviews : Winery Spotlight - Big Head Wines



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