Ontario Reviews : Winery Spotlight - Organized Crime

25 Jul 2019


Today is not an opus on Vito Corleone, nor a synopsis of the Godfather Trilogy - it is about the crimes committed by one Organized Crime winery and their winemaker, Greg Yemen ... the charge: "did you really put these wines into bottle?"

The case: Often overlooked and forgotten, as some wineries are when they go through upheaval and change in the wine making, Organized Crime seemed to flounder a little after the departure of winemaker Andrzej Lipinski and seemed shocked once Ross Wise took flight to British Columbia. But the phoenix has risen with Greg Yemen at the helm - and for the second year in a row he's put some pretty amazing wines into bottle ... the only verdict a jury can rendered once all the evidence below is revealed is: Guilty as Charged.

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Organized Crime 2016 Cabernet Franc ... (**** 1/2)

Organized Crime 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon ... (****+)

Organized Crime 2017 Chardonnay, Cuvee Krystyna ... (****+)

Organized Crime 2017 Chardonnay, Limestone Block ... (****)

Organized Crime 2017 Pinot Noir Reserve ... (****)

Organized Crime 2017 Pipe Down ... (****+)


Plus ...

Some International Flair:   Xavier Vignon 2017 Ventoux (Rhone Valley, France) ... ****


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Ontario Reviews : Winery Spotlight - Organized Crime



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