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Taste it Again: Hillebrand 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Clark Farm

09 Apr 2015

(January 16, 2015) ... Tried this wine for the first time back in October 2012 and back then I said give it five year, "be patient".  But then I was looking through my wine database, which I maintain on CellarTracker (if you have a cellar its the best resource you can have to keep track of it) and someone said "Not sure if further aging would help, I'd suggest drinking now", he also recommends not to decant ... I immediately thought, 'hmm, maybe my initial impressions were wrong', I'd better get to this one sooner than later ... Well I can safely tell you the guy on CellarTracker, who wrote this review, was dead wrong.  Nose is full of smoky, cedar, and cinnamon, while the palate was cassis and blackberry wrapped up in a mild-cedar cocoon - this still needs time, but the fruit us beginning to emerge nicely. After 30 minutes there are smoky-mocha notes on the palate, and there are still cassis flavours but but also the addition of blueberry skin and vanilla. This just keeps getting better if you're willing to give it time ("be patient").  After a full hour the wine has become smooth and silky with lovely dark fruit dominating, but always with those smoky undertones. I'll be honest, I am not sure what the guy on CT was on about?  I'll say this, sometimes crowd sourcing reviews can be detrimental to proper wine ageing, but I still rely on CellarTracker to keep my cellar organized.

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