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Lost & Found: Inniskillin 1999 Vidal, oak aged

19 Nov 2015

(July 4, 2015) ... While "dad" was doing his Riesling comparative I got "mom", a huge icewine buff, to taste a bit of history: Inniskillin 1999 Oak Aged Vidal ... Mom is such a lover of this nectar that she's been known to finish off a 375ml bottle on her own in a night. Pouring the wine it was hard not to notice the burnt caramel colour of the juice going into glass, and it was thick. Aromas of caramel, toffee, roasted almond, and grapefruit peel led to a palate that came off thick and creamy with praline-almond and fig - which the acidity still had quite a kick turning thick into delicious, plus the pleasant finish of hazelnuts, toffee and candied orange peel was a real plus. Sadly mom didn't like it ... Too old, she likes 'em young and fresh.

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