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Taste it Again: Another Dinner at Sue's (Ontario / Chile)

01 Dec 2017


(July 29, 2016) .... Always fun to dine at our friend Sue's place because I get to bring all kinds of weird stuff ... I never ask her what she's making and she never asks what I'm bringing - it's a leap of faith on both our parts.

2 ChardonnaysTonight it all started with a Huff 2006 South Bay Chardonnay, sadly this one was slightly corked, but got worse (as corked wine is apt to do) - too bad, cause while it was just on the slight side we noticed it would have been a decent older Chardonnay, because it really showed some pretty caramel and buttery notes, but it proved to be a little too far gone too quickly.

Next up was a Coyotes Run 2008 Black Paw Chardonnay, this age is just as the edge of my Ontario boundary for old Chardonnay - nutty, with apple seed, yellow melon rind, and green pear. Delicate quick finish that reminded us of grapefruit pulp and still holding on to nice acidity on the back end.

2 Pinot NoirsMoving away from Ontario for a quick minute we opened a Paso Hondo 2004 Pinot Noir, out of Chile, earthy, dark cherry, smoky, and oaky, with 14℅ alcohol ... And yet, even with those notes it was easier to pick it out as Pinot Noir then it was with our next wine ...

Lailey 2007 Pinot Noir, Niagara Peninsula ... Very earthy, dry and peppery with oak and cedar cascading all over the tongue ... Had we not seen Pinot Noir on the label, there is no way one who would have guessed it too be so - too far gone to allow fruit to come back and thus a lemon in it's present state (but who knows, Pinot is notorious for playing possum in some years).

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