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Taste it Again: Coyote's Run 2008 Cabernet Francs

16 Dec 2018


Coyote's Run 2008 Cab Francs(June 19, 2017) ... As a Franc fan this little experient was a masterstroke by winemaker Dave Sheppard and owner Jeff Aubry ... They were pretty good representation of Franc from different soils in their youth and showed the affects of red vs black clay effectively - does age enhance that difference or bring them closer together:

2008 Red Paw Cabernet Franc ... Delicate herbal and smoky nose with dried raspberry and simple floral notes - a Franc with finesse and subtlety.

2008 Black Paw Cabernet Franc ... Layered with less herbal notes, but some kind of dried tea leaves,  plus there's dried and smoked raspberries and a really spicy finish - a much ballsier wine than the red paw.

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Red Paw / Black Paw


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